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Tracker Switch needs camera to point away first

Tracker Switch needs camera to point away first
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hello, I am trying to write an application that depending on the distance from the target; 

at the beginning i enable a tracker that looks for a couple of objects together in one image e.g. "AB",

it tracks the distance and when i get closer than a certain value it enables a tracker linked to a collection with the image  "A" and the image "B" in two separate pics and augments them one at a time. and when i get far from the image it looks for the couple "AB" again.

it seems that when a have a tracker switch it works only if I point my phone's camera away and than back to the "AB" image,

I tried to simulate the "pointing away" effect by disabling and enabling the camera each tracker switch or by setting the "ONCE" focus but in didn't work,

how can I get my program, to continuously recognise the couple of images, and then the single images without pointing my phone away first?

Thank You for your service

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