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Extended Tracking fail

Extended Tracking fail


I use the WikitudeExempleProjet for Unity. I build my apk easly and test the AR camera with the WikitudeEye and the default Target "".

Now i try to activate the "Extended Tracking" but i dont understand the variables "Target Pattern" and "TargetName 1" in "SurferBehaviour" Script.

What should i do? when i Enter "" in the variables, my 3d model disappear and i can't reactivate him :/

pls Help Me





TargetPattern: is the pattern which checks if the recognized Target is matched with the Trackable. E.g. If a Target with pageOne is found, then the Trackable will only be set on the Target if pageOne is set in the TargetPattern.

TargetName1: there the Pattern is listed, which decides if the recognized Target is using extened Tracking

I hope this helps. We're currently also working on improving our documentation.


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