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pivot points of 3D models at wrong position

pivot points of 3D models at wrong position

Hi Wikitude team,

Any updates concerning my problems with the model Encoder described above 11 weeks ago? I have not found yet an update of this tool at the download section. If this converter still does not convert properly, your SDK is quite useless for us, if we have to position several models in the same AR scene. 


Hope to hear from you.




I imported some models to the 3D model Encoder. Each model consists of several meshes. All parts of both 3D files show up.


But, my problem is that the pivot points of the meshes are located at the wrong place. Therefore, the meshes are also at the wrong position. And concerning rotation animations the models turn around the wrong point. 

Could you explain how the pivot points are offset ? Or why does this happen at all? 



I have just installed the Encoder under Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.5. There is a difference between the Encoder under MacOS and Win7. Under MacOS, I neither see the properties nor several play buttons for the animations of the FBX. Please, compare the screenshots. (The Win7 Screenshot is taken by the 3D designer)


Thanks in advance and best regards,




The fix for your 3d model (using mesh deformer animations) will be part of the next Wikitude3dEncoder upate.

Sounds great, indeed! When would the Wikitude3dEncoder update be released ? For which week is it planned?

Hi Roland,

Thanks for the update. I am afraid, unfortunately,

no animation seems to start in the preview of the Encoder as it did in a previous version. Just the timer is running. (please, see the demo video )

if an FBX contains multiple animation clips/ takes , we do not see a complete list of all animations. Just the first one, on Mac OS, and it is the same most time on Windows.

The exported/ converted FBX does not start its animation, if I use it in a Wikitude world project. so, it does not seem to be just a preview problem in the Encoder. 

Tested under:

Win 7, 32-bit
Win 8.1, 64-bit
Mac OS 10.10.5 Yosemite


Does this happen with the latest Encoder versions available on the download page?


Hello Nicola,

Yes, indeed. It happens with the latest versions downloaded from your page yesterday 2nd dec.
I uninstalled/ deleted the previous version and unpacked and installed the new one.

Best regards, Berenice

Please give it another trial with the  Wikitude3dEncoder 1.3 and the SDK 5.1.3 released today.
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