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Image recognition

Image recognition


I am developing an (Cordova based) application for a museum where the visitor gets an image on his smartphone and has to find the according object in the exhibition. Our goal is that the visitor targets his smartphone camera on the object and the app recognizes the targeted object (a poster for a first step) as the object searched for (if it is the right one).

By now we are doing some research for the right technology to accomnplish this task and my question is if wikitude and its Cordova plugin are the solution to our problem?


Best regards,

Oliver Manthey

Hi Oliver,

Yes with our SDK you can recognize 2D objects so our technology supports your use case. The best way to start is to check out the sample app which comes with the SDK download package together with the respective documentation section.

Each section includes a set-up guide, which helps you set up your project.

We're currently also working on our 3D tracking solution which then will also allow you to recognize and track 3D objects.

I hope this helps. Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.

Greetings Nicola
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