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Performance and model limit

Performance and model limit

Is there a a limit to the number of Models in a scene? I have 8 objects in the cam on my Trackable2DObject. More often than not the last 3 models won't load in, or 1 or 2 will. 

Is there anything I can do maximize performance? I can't have half the needed objects not getting loaded in.

In general there is no limit on the number of 3d models attached to a trackable. 

We have a major update of the 3d rendering in the SDK 5.0. If the problem still occurs in the current SDK 5.0 beta release, please send us your AR world (which reproduces the problem) so we can investigate it.

When will the SDK 5.0 will available for Titanium? I have the same problem, that only the first 3 of 40 models are loaded.

How many 3d models are you loading? How big are the files (including textures) in total?

There is no genereal limit on the number of 3d models. However, the resources on each device (CPU/GPU memory) are limited. 

Best practice is to load only those 3d models which are actually visible and on demant, not all at once. 

If you have different 3d models for different targets you can use, for example, the onEnterFieldOfVision  event to load models on demand and destroy them at the onExitFieldOfVision event. 
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