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html WIDGET(google chart) doesn't fit in mobile view

html WIDGET(google chart) doesn't fit in mobile view

Hello Raju,

The problem is that you set the dimensions of the image to a specific width and height. Therefore, when you try to view the image on your computer it works, but when you try to view it on your mobile phone the image is too wide. This is more of an html issue and therefore, you could start by investigating how to set the dimensions of an image using responsive design.




I too have same issue with ifrmes in the mobile view.

Any solutions for it?


Hi I want to embed a google chart . Everything seems OK in studio preview but the chart does not fit in the mobile screen...

you can check the images from here!38733&authkey=!AEy6Y2ZHFm93TP8&ithint=folder%2c


and this is the html code:


<h6><object style="overflow: auto; border: 5px ridge blue;" data=";format=interactive" type="text/html" width="800px" height="600px"> </object></h6>


thanks for your help.
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