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Unity Sample doesn't work

Unity Sample doesn't work

Hi, Now I download Unity plugin and sample ,then run on my Unity,but it gets error and do nothing.

error log is like this .


EntryPointNotFoundException: UnityWikitudeBridge_InstantiateWikitudeNativeSDK

Wikitude.IWikitudeBridge.InstantiateWikitudeNativeSDK (System.String licenseKey)

Wikitude.IWikitudeCamera.Awake ()


SurferBehaviour Start


SurferBehaviour:Start() (at Assets/Scripts/SurferBehaviour.cs:10)


EntryPointNotFoundException: UnityWikitudeBridge_InstantiateClienTracker

Wikitude.IWikitudeBridge.InstantiateClientTracker (System.String wtcPath)

Wikitude.ITrackerBehaviour.Update ()





I already input my licenceKey ,but the error log is same.


I read each soarce code in sample ,but I have no idea .

Please tell me how I can solve it .



PS: I read document about Unity plug in but there are no information about Location Based AR.

     it is  just written to complete?





I'm getting the same error, spammed once per frame. Like Masahiko Itoh, I have entered my licence key with no discernable effect.




I am also encountering a similar issue with NVidia Shield tablet and Unity 5 64bit version. Unfortunately I do not have an iOS device in which I could try the sample. Is the current Unity plugin usable with Android yet, since it seems like an issue with the wikitude dll file. The error I am getting is below, and it appears on both the example project as well as a project I created myself following the documentation.

I/Unity   (19160): EntryPointNotFoundException: UnityWikitudeBridge_InstantiateClienTracker

I/Unity   (19160):   at (wrapper managed-to-native) Wikitude.IWikitudeBridge:UnityWikitudeBridge_InstantiateClienTracker (string)

I/Unity   (19160):   at Wikitude.IWikitudeBridge.InstantiateClientTracker (System.String wtcPath) in <filename unknown>:0

I/Unity   (19160):   at Wikitude.ITrackerBehaviour.Update () in <filename unknown>:0

I/Unity   (19160):

I/Unity   (19160): (Filename:  Line: -1)

I/Unity   (19160):



We're currently looking at the issues occuring with the Unity Plugin on iOS. Our Android Unity Plugin is still in final QA phase. As soon as it's ready, we'll let you know.



Hi everyone,

Currently only iOS is supported. You have to run the application on a real iOS device and not in the Unity Editor. Editor support will be added in the upcoming weeks (Mac OS).

We just updated the Wikitude Unity package on our website which now logs more precise information about what is going wrong.

Best regards

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