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Augmentations stop working after approximately 24 hours

Augmentations stop working after approximately 24 hours

Hi, I have been creating a project with a video overlay which works fine for a limited time. However each time I try it the next day it is non-responsive. I have tried deleting the project and starting from scratch with exactly the same results. I have a looming go live date and a client who is increasingly keen to preview the product but I am extremely reluctant to go any further until the augmentation loads consistently and is dependable.

I would be very grateful for any help you can give me.



Patrick Ward

Hi Simmo,

Thanks for your very prompt reply. I see what you mean about Google/YouTube and was hoping that you might be able to provide me some advice with regard to how best to host overlay videos. I am afraid that I am a complete novice when it comes to this sort of thing so would you mind spelling it out in the way a 2 year old can understand, please!

When you say 'private online space' do you mean a video hosting service? I have tried using the trial of Sprout video to see if that will work but it doesn't provide a direct link in any immediately obvious manner. I have also tried Dropbox as per a suggestion from Nicola a while back. The problem with this is that there are no longer Public folders in Dropbox and the link it provides does not work with Wikitude. I found the direct link by going to the Previous Version option but this also doesn't work.

I have managed to get the video to load from Onedrive (not Onedrive for Business) by taking the embed code and cutting the src location and then changing embed? to download?. This works in a limited way but is extremely slow to load and is not dependable in terms of performance.

So would you be able to recommend a service/host to use or provide me with the details/specs that I should look for in an online space to host my overlays from please?

I have one other question while I am being demanding; even when the overlay videos are working well they still always seem to flicker and 'wobble' at the right hand side while the left hand side stays completely still. Do you know of any trick or tip to stop that from happening?

I know this is a lot for one post, but I would be very happy to get the information on the hosting situation at least first.

Thanking you very much,


Hi Patrick,

I will try to cover your questions as much as possible.

* Video hosting Topic *

Yes, with "private hosting" I meant your personal space online where you can host your videos. You could buy a domain plus some space (in terms of Gigabyte), but that solution might already require some technical knowledge (such as "how to upload a file via FTP to my online space ?").

A valid alternative is hosting your file on Amazon S3 which requires few coins per year. When you get the basic concepts of S3 (such as buckets) then it is really easy to upload files on it and get a link. Basically, everything can be done via an Admin Panel through mouse clicks and drag&drop.

* Video flicker and 'wobble' Topic *

In order to provide you a valid support, I would need to know the Studio Project 's name (or short url) and the target used for recognition. After a first check then I might need to forward it to our Computer Vision and SDK teams.

I hope my answer can already help you to understand next steps. In any case feel free to contact again us any time.

Have a nice week-end,


Hi Simmo,

Thank you; that all makes absolute sense and I am sure that I can find my way now. I will sort out the hosting, test and then get back to you with a project, if the situation is still ongoing.

Very much appreciated; have a great weekend yourself.



Hi Simmo,

Well I have set up an Amazon S3 account and have uploaded a video there to use as an overlay. The project name is Test1. It is certainly much better than using Dropbox etc, but the augmentation is still wobbling and flickering at the right hand side. It has also started behaving eratically; sometimes it plays without sound, sometimes it plays smoothly all the way through and then the next time will freeze multiple times.I would be grateful if you could give it a try and see what results you get. I would also be interested to know what devices you use to test it. I have got these results on an iPad Air and an iPhone 5s on both the Wifi and 3g.

Thank you for all your help so far; I feel that I am very close now.



Hi Patrick,

I've forwarded your project to our CV expert. In the meantime, I would propose you one tip: I noticed that the video could be optimized.

The video resolution is 1280x720: any chance to reduce this resolution ? 

Another important factor is the bitrate: lowering the bitrate will reduce the audio/video quality but it will help to trasmit a video over the network.

Those points could already help to have a more stable Video Augmentation.

Stay tuned!


Hi Paddy,

As mentioned already here is also a quick feedback from my end:

 The reason why the right side is somewhat flickering/jittering is that on the right side of the target image there are not enough feature points which are needed for the algorithm to stablize the tracking. There are a few tips and things to consider:

- video file size: we recommend to work with videos that are around 5MB - otherwise if you have stored it on a server it takes very long in the experience until the video is starting
- size of the target image: the target image looks like a business card - as the dimensions are pretty small this might have an impact on the UX

I hope this helps. Greetings


Hi Simmo,

Thanks for the advice; I am looking at both the resolution and the bitrate to see if I can reduce the video size. I guess it is a bit of a juggling act to get maxiimum quality possible with maximum speed and stability.




Hi Simmo, Just wanted tot touch base to let you know that our client is very happy with the project and I am very grateful for all of your support and advice. 

Thanks once again,



Hi Patrick,

I'm happy to hear that! 

Thanks for your comment: it is something very motivating for the entire Wikitude Team. In fact, I'll internally forward your message :)

Have fun with the project and thanks again for your interest in Wikitude.


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