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screen action zone

screen action zone


I work with the phonegap plugin, and I cannot find a solution for a basic functionnality...

I know it is possible because the demo with the helicopter do it. (

How to trigger an action when a target marker enter in a predefined screen zone ?


Thanks for this quick answer,

If I have undertand, we have to simulate click on screen every "n" ms.

For me it is a rush job...

In my case, I went to know if a small target marker is inside a screen zone. Let's say that the screen zone is 10 times bigger than the marker, every "n" ms I will have to simulate 10 x 10 times a click to know if it is inside...

That's not really optimized...

The most simple solution is to have the screen coordinate of the marker. Is it possible ?



Hi there!

Receiving the screen coordinates via JS is not possible - but the good news is that upcoming SDK 5.0 will provide some more interfaces towards image-recognition.

Stay tuned and have a look at the Native API of Wikitude SDK 5.0

Best regards,


Thanks for this information, I stay tuned


The "screen action zone"  is critical to our project.

Please let us know if this feature is available in SDK 5


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