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ObtainPoiData FromApplicationModel no working

ObtainPoiData FromApplicationModel no working

I am trying to obtain POI from native application. I went through the documentation Optain POI From Application Module and did following, when I launch the app it shows "Trying to find out where you are" and not showing any markers. 


Here is what I did so far "Swift" 

Pass in the .callJavaScrip with POI data 


Started the architect world 

        self.architectWorldNavigation = self.architectView.loadArchitectWorldFromURL(NSBundle.mainBundle().URLForResource("index", withExtension: "html"), withRequiredFeatures: WTFeatures._Geo)


I am using fromapplicationmodel.js and marker.js from 5_ObtainPoiData_1_FromApplicationModel folder in Example SDK. 

am I missing something here. 

**EDIT** I had to duple check the json data that has been passed to javascript, this is the format I am passing to callJavaScript, Issue still persists 





Hi Mo,

At the moment we don't support SWIFT - We will add Swift support as soon as it becomes more relevant and the tools support is acceptable.



Hi ,

Is version 5.2.0 still going on ? 




Hello Emre,

Yes right now the latest release is 5.2, which you can check and download from out Download page here. I would also like to inform you that we have a new minor 5.x release coming approximately at the end of August.


Hi Eva ,

i mean , last version this function "architectView.callJavaScript" does not supported on Swift do we have it now ?


Hello Emre,

Unfortunately we still do not offer support for Swift and this is currently something that is not on our roadmap.

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