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Dark 3d model (but looks fine in Wikitude 3d Encoder)

Dark 3d model (but looks fine in Wikitude 3d Encoder)

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I assume that your textures are too big. If you reduce the size of your textures the size of your model-file (currently 53MB, that's quite a lot) would get smaller and the 3D model would be loaded much faster. The 'Error' in the Wikitude 3D Encoder indicates that your textures are not of a power-of-two size. Power-of-two size are 512x512, 1024x1024, ... for example. In this case you should set the wrap mode in your 3D modelling tool to 'clamp'. I suggest to change your textures to a power-of-two size because it increases the performance on a mobile device and you don't have to care about the wrap mode.

Hope that helps,


I'm currently trying to display a 3D model and I ran into a lighting issues. As the screenshots will show, the model looks find within Wikitude 3D encoder:

But is is really dark when I use it:


Any idea why this is happening ?

While writing this, I thought it might be a texture issue instead. What's weird though is, even if I'm getting a bunch of errors when importing, the model looks OK in Wikitude 3d Ecoder:

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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