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Define POIs with Objective C

Define POIs with Objective C

Hey there,

is there a possibility to add POIs direktly from Objective C (Swift, respectively), without using the datasource in the myjsondata.js file (like it is done in the "5_ObtainPoiData_2_FromLocalResource" example)? Alternatively, is it possible to alter the myjsondata.js from objective c?

I would like to present POIs, which are dynamically loaded from my backend.


best regards



Hi there!

Sure, you can use the .callJavaScript() function of the architectView to e.g. call your updatePois(JSONarray) function inside JS.

That way you can convert your native data-type into a JSON-Array and have a clean interface.
Ensure to properly encode your callJavaScript param.

Check out "Retrieving POI data from Application Model" Sample app for details

Hope that helps.


Thanks, it worked :)
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