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Starting with Wikitude

Starting with Wikitude

I have the following use case - I should be able to track a particular text (say ABC1234) and display some image as overlay on camera. I have just started using Wikitude so any pointer on how to do this will be helpful.

Also, I am trying to deploy the example available with the latest SDK download and am getting invalid APK error. I tried following the suggestions available on web (such as changing the preference settings in eclipse) but the error still persists. The target environment is Android JellyBean.



recognizing text is not an easy task with the current version of the Wikitude SDK as text itself does not offer particular good feature points. Also the Wikitude SDK does not yet include an OCR engine to "read" the text (something that will change with the upcoming release).

Can you post the exact error you are receiving? Android JellyBean shouldn't be an issue. What kind of phone (model) are you using for development?
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