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Menu interaction in AR view

Menu interaction in AR view

Hi, I do hope this has not been discussed earlier than now somewhere.

I have a scenario where I have a menu display within the World view and want to enable the user to click the buttons or objects within the view and have other experiences load dynamically, still within the same view. This means the user loads the World view only once and continues further interaction with the objects within the view. I have had trouble implementing this and thus, I am posting this to know if there is a preffered method to handle this.


Hi there!

Nice concept which is something the Wikitude SDK can help you with.
You may create the World's source code similar to one of the SDK Samples and react on user interface interactions e.g. via default jQueryUI callbacks.
Your souce code can then change or extend the exising scene by replacing augmentations (add/remove camDrawables), reacing on different targetimges (set other AR.Tracker to enabled) etc.

Solely ensure to call .destroy() on objects you no longer need to save memory.
I recommend you to

* have a look at the Sample Worlds implementation
* Check out JS API of Wikitude SDK
* Choose existing tools for UI and client/server interaction (e.g. Angular Material or jQuery mobile)

Kind regards,
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