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Fullscreen video with button possible?

Fullscreen video with button possible?


I use the Wikitude Cordova Plugin for developing a hybrid app. I can play a video in fullscreen mode with this code:

function playMovie() {
var url = "";
// Start fullscreen playback of video at the supplied URL


This is an example from the wikitude documentation. It works fine. My question is:

Is it possible to place a button insíde the video fullscreen or displaying an actionbar for back navigation ? The problem in iOS is, there exists no physical back button.



Hi Nico,

on iOS there should be a done button in one of the top corners of the screen, which ends the video playback. 

Thank you and best regards,


Hi Simon,

thank you for your answer. My colleage works with the iOS-App. He has problems with playing videos (I think that is a codec problem), Actually no button exists there. Maybe it's because the video can't be played. Is the backbutton supported in the Wikitude Cordova Plugin?

Best regards


Everything works fine. Thank you!

Hi Nico, 

I want to create also a wikitude app using Cordova Plugin, which has an image target and once recognize a video will automatically play. Can you help and support me on what exactly i need to do to start creating my own app.?

Please, your response is very much helpful and appreciated. Thank you so much.


You can email me directly to this:

Thank you again. God Bless.
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