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can anyone point me to documention for the "convert.js" file that is generated when exporting a project from wikitude studio?  the file is obviously minified, and although it is easy enough to de-minify the code, the code is still very difficult to reason about in its, "de-minified, and somewhat-deobfuscated" state. and yes, I realize that if I were just smarter, and able to keep and validate a larger number of memory registers in my grey-matter, that I could derive the true nature of the scope, and which vars are gobal, and always return functions, and which vars are not, but sometime return functions that have closure on global scope.  But, alas, my powers in such manner as this, hehe, get it?, this,   are limited, and I need guidance.  I started thinking, why am I racking my brain on code that I am obviously not meant to read?  what am I missing? how can I parse the augmentations associated with some target, and apply them to a valid target, but in a different tracker/collection?  So let's say I have a cloud target, and I associate some "project_url" with that target, how can I extract, and apply the augmentations from the first target specified in the "content_mini.js script living at the "project_url"?


any ideas?
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