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Wikitude life cycle

Wikitude life cycle

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I have been troubles with life cycle in wikitude, I have an app which include a wikitude view controller, and I started it well, add some models to de architech world, so far so good, but then if I dismiss the view controller and present it again the wikitude view load nice but the models are not there.

I call the architectview  method start configuration... in viewWillAppear and the stop method in viewDidAppear, what else I can do?

I managed to solve de issue saving all the models in an array, destroying them when viewWillDisappear, and creating them again when the view will appear. But i think is a bit dirty solution, can you help me with this?

edit: I need help also for other notifications like applicationdidresingactive, I cant load the arrows again.


Thank you and greetings


Toc, toc, is there somebody here?
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