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Problem with Browsing POIs sample on iOS 8.3

Problem with Browsing POIs sample on iOS 8.3

I created sample app with Cordova Plugin.

It run well in Android, and Iphone iOS 7.3. But in iOS 8.3, sample didn' show POIs.

Go to , my Iphone allow to access Camera only, didn't show Location.

I read document from internet, there is some change in CoreLocation.framework from iOS 8.0

Does Anyone else meet the same problem with me?


Hi Truong,
When running iOS 8, you need to specify the NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription key in your application info.plist. Please read carefully through our iOS documentation where we explain how to do so or follow the steps that are logged into the Xcode console when running the application.

Best regards


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your advices.

I follow that explain, and my app worked now.

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