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About Apple bitcode.

About Apple bitcode.


I saw an article that mentioned about "Apple Bitcode".

"Bitcode. Instead of uploading pre-compiled binaries, developers upload what Apple calls an ?intermediate representation? of the app. The App Store then automatically compiles the app just before downloading. This allows it to automatically implement part of App Slicing even if the developer hasn?t bothered to tag their code, downloading only the 32- or 64-bit code as required."

I'm wondering about your plugin code. Now you are providing .a library file but Apple will ask to upload bitcode.

So do you have a plan to provide bitcode for iOS version plugin?

Please let me know.

Thank you.


we will of course work on support for iOS9 and ensure your apps will still work smoothly. For Bitcode in particular Apple notes the following:

Note: For iOS apps, bitcode is the default, but optional. If you provide bitcode, all apps and frameworks in the app bundle need to include bitcode.

(Source here)

There is not a lot information available at the moment how Bitcode will work for frameworks, but given the statement above you will be fine with the standard framework.
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