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Problem with unity3D

Problem with unity3D


I have developed an app which uses wikitude, now I'm trying to embed unity3D within my application but when I get this finally working, wikitude doesn't load any images, and shows the following error:

Image : Unable to load. 

bad parameters for zlib

format: PNG

Wikitude cant change bundle images (images packed with the app) nor Images save locally in the filesystem. I tried both JPEG and PNG formats

I do not know what to do, I hope you can guide me a bit.

Best Regards,


Hi Juan,

Our SDK currently does not support Unity3D. With our SDK 5.0 which is planned to be releaseed in July this year we will introduce Unity3D support.

So please stay tuned for this next big SDK release.



Dear Sirs, 


What we want is tu include a Unity App into a native Android and iOS App which use Wikitude. We managed it for Android, but when we include the Unity project into the iOS project Wikitude stops loading images. 

The application without Unity App works like a charm the problem is when the Unity App is included.


Do you know what it can be happening?


Thank you very much in advance.

Hi Juan,

Unfortunately we don't know what the problem might be with the Unity integration in the native app which uses Wikitude. Did you also check Unitiy support forums?



I managed to solve it a bit, adding -lz to other linker flags, Wikitude now load images which are in private bundle but images in filesystem are not loaded yet.

Probably Unity is blocking th zlib library or something like that

Best regards
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