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change texture of 3D model

change texture of 3D model

I have the same question :)

I understand that it is not possible to change the texture while the model is loaded (most preferred option). Does anyone have experience in changing the texture before the model is loaded? Is it possible to modify the WT3 file outside the Encoder?

note: an alternative would be to generate multiple WT3 files based on the same FBX with different textures. I know this can be done manually, but interested if this can be automated.

To everyone who has the same question:


I contacted the support team. They say that it is not yet possible in the current SDK (v. 4.1.1) We have to load the complete 3D model again in order to change the texture. 



I am new to Wikitude and would like to know if it is possible to change the texture of a 3D model via JS. I have not yet found a method in the docs.

I would like to change the texture without having to reload the complete FBX (-.wt3) too.


Regards and thanks for any hint.
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