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Find a target from an image loaded

Find a target from an image loaded

Good morning,

I have to recognize a target from an image loaded.

It is possible with Wikitude?

It is possible with the plug-in PhoneGap?

Obviously the target is defined in target management




Hi Franco,
The Wikitude SDK can load a so called target collection (.wtc file) which contains target images that you potentially want to recognize (up to 1000 images in a single .wtc). Our SDK then scans  constantly the camera stream and searches for one of these target images. Once a target image is found, you can specify which augmentation (Image, Video, 3d Model) you want to show on the target image.
Of course all this is also possible with our Wikitude Cordova (aka. PhoneGap) Plugin.

You can download a free trial of our SDK an play around with the example application that is part of this package.

Best regards


Thank's for you reply.

Ok, this is the normal functionality, but I can use instead of a stream camera use an image take from a screenshot or an image previously loaded?

My goal is to take one or more photo and then find a target on it. Is possibile ?



Hi France,
Sorry for the misunderstanding.
Although our internal algorithms would work with a single image, the client SDK does not provide any API to use it in a way you need.

I'm not sure if you're familiar with our CloudRecognition solution, but we might be able to give you access to internal APIs so that you could use CloudRecognition for your project. Please contact us directly to talk about further details.

Best regards

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