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iOS - Wikitude SDK: ERROR -> connection could not be established

iOS - Wikitude SDK: ERROR -> connection could not be established


I'm having issue with passing value from wikitudeView to main cordovaView. 
When I call this code from wikitudeView, it's not working but other part of wikitude is working.

document.location = "architectsdk://hidecam";

When I went through the logs I saw this line: 

"iOS 8 - Wikitude SDK: ERROR -> connection could not be established"

Also, I've follow instruction from this post but no luck so far.
Just for your information, I'm not using normal phonegap/cordova setup but I'm using IBM Worklight/Mobilefirst. And, the js codes are working on android.

Any idea how I can make this work in iOS? Do i need to put any codes on AppDelegate/MainViewController?





Hi Laksamana,
The error message you mentioned has nothing to do with the architectsdk protocol and you don't need to code anything in the AppDelegate or any ViewController. That's all done by the Plugin.

Can you create a new PhoneGap project without the IBM frameworks and check if the onURLInvoked function is called then?

If you're comfortable with a little debugging in Xcode, you could set a breakpoint in WTARViewController.m line 147 and WTWikitudePlugin line 555 to see if the JS makes it into ObjC. When you stop at the breakpoints, you can see if the ObjC code can call the corresponding JS function.

Best regards


Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your reply. To answer your question, yes - I already created a new iOS phonegap project without IBM framework and I get onURLInvoked being call from Wikitude AR view. 

I also set a breakpoint in both WTARViewController.m line 147 and WTWikitudePlugin line 555, interesting enough the JS didn't make it into ObjC. It didnt stop at any of the breakpoints.

So what's the next place I should look into?

Again thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

So to me it seams that the problem is related to the IBM framework and I'm afraid that this is then out of our support scope. I don't know what/how this framwork works and what changes in the background if you use it. 

You need to somehow find out why the JS calls don't make it into ObjC. Maybe the IBM framework registers for all protocols so that the Wikitude SDK doesnt has a chance to handle the architectsdk protocol.

Best regards

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