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Camera View Capturing Effect

Camera View Capturing Effect


I was searching the best way to develop a wikitude camera effect, when user is trying to capture the targets, it's important for user to understand that camera view is doing something and it's not stoped like simple camera view.

I got this example from another app on the market and I ask if it's posible do something like this, whatever be the effect but at least something.


How can I do this with Titanium? 



Hi Fábio,
Currently the Wikitude SDK does not offer such a scan visualization. You would need to do this completly by your own if you want something like this.

I can't give you any specifc tips how you could do this using Titanium.

The good new is, that we're planning to release such a feature in Q3/Q4 this year.


Best regards


Thank you @Andreas! I will be waiting for more new features!

In the meanwhile I'm trying hard to get some javascript incompatibilities, do you know some libraries for this "Feature Detection" in real-time. Also I need some more information about wikitude event when the target was read, to eventually stop and do some more actions on the screen.


Hi Fabio,
What do you mean by 'searching for a javascript library for feature detection'? Natural Feature tracking is implemented by the Wikitude SDK and you can use the AR.ClientTracker/AR.Trackable API to detect 2d image targets in the camera stream. If you're already using this API and want to react on recognized/lost targets, please refer to the AR.Trackable API reference or scroll through the related sample code that is part of the SDK package (We have a example application for iOS/Android/PhoneGap/Titanium).

If you want to do your own image processing, our next version of the SDK (5.0) will have a C++ plugin interface that gives you access to the camera stream. You would need to implement the Plugin in C++ and not JavaScript thought.

Best regards

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