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My App is crash when opening AR activity in release version

My App is crash when opening AR activity in release version



I have developed AR activity using Wikidude SDK V4.0 

While developping the AR activity everithing was fine and its work greate, However, after create release version of the app

and install it, when entering the AR activity the app is crash.

I try add crash reports in the AR activity, but it seems that the crash happen even before the on create event.

Anyone familier with this problem?



Hi, can you please give us more details about this problem?

Which device are you testing on, which android version, and if possible a log of the crash.

If you are still using version 4.0 of the Wikitude SDK, I would recommend an upgrade to the latest 4.1.1.




Thanks for the quick answer.


Im  using smasung galaxy s4, with android 4.4.2

I dont have logs for the crash.

I just know that the OnCreate is not being invoked in the release version (i insert Toast in the onCreate and onPostCreate ).

The app is crash when i start the AR activity.


BTW, currently im using a trial license.






Thank you for the information.

If you want to understand the cause of the crash, you need to capture the device logs. Here is a short explanation of how to do it:

Once you have the log, you can look for the particular exception which caused the crash.

Are you already using the latest SDK version (4.1.1)?



Here some information from the log.

Hope it will help:


I/WindowManager( 3036): Screen frozen for +1s17ms due to AppWindowToken{43c2c4e0 token=Token{459e5908 ActivityRecord{45eafaa0 u0 com.aroundme/ar.SampleCamContentFromNativeActivity t649}}}

I/BootReceiver( 3036): Copying /data/tombstones/tombstone_05 to DropBox (SYSTEM_TOMBSTONE)

I/SurfaceFlinger( 2552): id=11165 createSurf (2160x1920),-1 flag=20004, ClackSurfac

I/SurfaceFlinger( 2552): id=11166 createSurf (1080x3840),-1 flag=20004, ClackSurfac

I/SurfaceFlinger( 2552): id=11167 createSurf (2160x1920),-1 flag=20004, ClackSurfac

I/SurfaceFlinger( 2552): id=11168 createSurf (1080x3840),-1 flag=20004, ClackSurfac

D/InputDispatcher( 3036): setInputDispatchMode: enabled=1, frozen=0

I/dumpstate(11304): begin

I/ServiceKeeper( 3036): In getseinfo pid = 3036 uid = 1000 seinfo= system

W/ActivityManager( 3036):   Force finishing activity com.aroundme/ar.SampleCamContentFromNativeActivity

W/ActivityManager( 3036):   Force finishing activity com.aroundme/.MainApplicationActivity

From the log, it seems that your application is not responding, and the operating system forces it to quit. This could also be some method taking too long to complete (which could be ok when you run your application in debug mode)

Have you already tried compiling the standard sample application? Did it work?

Can you try to add some debug logs to your class and see where it stops responding?

Does the same thing happen when debugging the aplication?
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