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iOS8 Cordova world not loading

iOS8 Cordova world not loading

I'm trying to run Cordova on iOS 8 with the Cordova plugin and it won't load. Here's how I'm loading the world:

Scene object:

"path": "www/ar/scenes/selfie/index.html",
"requiredFeatures": ,
"startupConfiguration": {
"camera_position": "front"
orientation: 'portrait'


app.wikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld(function successFn(loadedURL){
/* Respond to successful world loading if you need to */
console.log("wikitude: Scene loaded successfully");
app.activeScene = scene;
console.log('Orientation is ' + screen.orientation);
}, function errorFn(error){
console.log('wikitude: Loading AR web view failed: ' + error);
navigator.notification.alert("Failed to load the scene, please contact our support team for further information.");
scene.path, scene.requiredFeatures, scene.startupConfiguration


I get the success message buy nothing loads, also I'm seeing this warning in the log: Warning: Attempt to present <WTArchitectViewController: 0x17f13320>  on <MainViewController: 0x17e780b0> which is already presenting <ForcedViewController: 0x17ef08b0>

Any suggestions?

Same thing for me with phonegap, is it possible to load an ARWorld using backbone.js framework?

Hi Chad,
If the success handler is called, the ARchitectView was able to load your ARchitect World (.html file). If you don't see anything, maybe your JavaScript code has some issues. Try to resolve them using Safari Web Inspector on yor Mac in combination with your iOS device.

My debug suggestion always is to remove all the code and start from 0 and add more and more code until you experience the issue again. So start with an alert and then add more and more actual functionality to your application

Best regards


@sinda Only the Wikitude SDK in combination with the Wikitude PhoneGap Plugin can load ARchitect Worlds.
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