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Image for POI bubble

Image for POI bubble

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We have running an ARML world from 2013.

We used tags that nowadays are not suported, like attachments, hiResImageUrl or markerIconUrl. That's a pitty!

So now we only use the thumbnail.

But we have a situation I do not know if it is normal: bubble POI on the map or on the camera screen is gray, no picture.

Can we solve this?

Thanks a lot!


Hi there!

Starting early 2014 Wikitude is based on Web-Components, using HTML/WikitudeSDK components for Map/List/Cam only.
Back then we decided to kick out support that were mainly relevant for native Android/iOS code (e.g. highRes image for highDensity devices, altitude service)

Map-View is no longer a native Android component but based on default GoogleMaps JS API instead, without thumbnail-rendering.
We do not plan to extend the map-view customization functionality. I hope this is OK for you.
Keep in mind, that you can also create a custom AR-Experience using Wikitude SDK to e.g. define your own map-UI.

Check out Android's Wikitude SDK documentation for details.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,


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