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Could API. Cannot publish target collection.

Could API. Cannot publish target collection.


I am using Wikitude Cloud Recognition PHP API sample scripts( and they do not work very well for me. I wonder if you can advise me why? 

The call to createTargetCollection executes successfully. I get the collection ID and store it.

Then I call the $api->addTarget($tcId, $target) which also looks like a successfull call. The response of this API Call is below: 

ADD TARGET {"thumbnailUrl":"http:/\/\/target-manager-live\/7f401b12ab5e5c25b053fd4bf244678f\/5511ca64fa65dc793d2fd841\/5511cccffa65dc793d2fd849\/thumb.jpeg","rating":3,"fileSize":75.8564453125,"name":"TC5","imageUrl":"http:\/\/\/target-manager-live\/7f401b12ab5e5c25b053fd4bf244678f\/5511ca64fa65dc793d2fd841\/5511cccffa65dc793d2fd849\/raw.jpeg","modDat":1427229903729,"creDat":1427229903729,"id":"5511cccffa65dc793d2fd849"}

And finally I execute the $api->generateTargetCollection($tcId) which in return responds with an error message below: 


{"code":404,"reason":"NOT_FOUND","message":"The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI.","moreInfo":"http:\/\/\/developer\/documentation\/cloud"}

If I follow the URL it wants me to  I get 404: 

Did you have an issue with publishing target collection? 

Please advise me why would the  $api->generateTargetCollection($tcId) return 404 error. Or is API not ready to be used yet? 

Thank you. 




Hi Sergey,

the Cloud Recognition Service is ready. The issue  sounds more related to a bug in the PHP snipplet.

Could you try with another client ? TIP: there is a useful extension for Chrome called POSTMAN which acts as RESTful client.

In the meantime we are investigating the issue internally.

Stay tuned!



Hi Sergey,

as expected we found a bug in the PHP client. The patch has been already applied and published on GitHub.

Please download the updated PHP script and try again.

Thanks for your interest in our Cloud Recognition!



Simmo, thank you very much for your quick response. 

It works very well now! 

Thank you!
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