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How to use localhost for architect world url?

How to use localhost for architect world url?

I'm testing an application which the architecht world is hosted in a remote server. Currently I need it to be host inside localhost and test the application. When I hosted it in the remore server (i.e., it works fine. But, when I used localhost (in my development machine: Win8 + IIS ) the android ArchitectViewActivity doesn't load the contents from the localhost. Can anyone help with this? I'v tested after disabling firewall as well, it didn't work.

Hi there!

Not sure if I get it right.

Upfront info:

* Wikitude SDK runs on Android or iOS.
* For development needs you may use a desktop debugging tool (include adb.js).
* Resources may be loaded via "http" or "file" protocol

In case you host your resources on your local (development desktop-) machine you need to also connect your Android device to same Network and use IP of your (localhost-) server, incl. http- protocol prefix.

In rare schenarios it may also make sense to setup a "localhost server" on your android device/application, that way you'ld be able to use localhost-url as resource-path.

Recommended approach is to use remote server or bundle assets with your application (store them in assets folder, as in the SDK Sample application, which is part of the Wikitude SDK zip file)

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,
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