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How to manage big objects loaded remotely

How to manage big objects loaded remotely

Hi there!

Please have a look at onLoaded and onError callbacks of AR.Model. Hiding loading animation in your custom onLoaded implementation should suit best.

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PS.: In case you have to load a number of large objects you may increase a counter on each onLoaded callback and only hode loading div after last model was loaded. Also take care of error callbacks so you can react on poor internet connection etc.

Hi there,

I start playing around with wikitude examples. In my bunsiness case, the worlds will be loaded remotely from the provided URL. However, I am strugulling with the following issue - if I have a 3D object, which is quite large (lets say ~3 MB), it tooks some time to be loaded. During the time, the user will not be able to see the AR, he rather sees just the reality. In order to handle this, my idea is when AR world starts to load (e.i. index.html from the world is loaded) to show some small in page animation / progess and remove it when all drawables are completely loaded. I thought that `worldLoaded` event will do the trick, but it doesn't - I receive it before all drawables are loaded.

Any ideas / tips how to handle this case?


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