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Freeze on entering foreground

Freeze on entering foreground

Hi Vasilliy,
There is no particualr workaround. Messages like "unknown object' do not show up because of a failed Tracker load.

Can you prepare & send us a particular iOS project which demonstrates your problem? I would be happy to have a look at it.

Best regards



Just agter my iOS application enters background it calls AR.context.destroyAll(), then stops WTArchitectView. Meanwhile, before entering foreground it calls start on WTArchitectView and initializes tracker. The problem is that often the application doesn't succeed in launching tracker and throws exception like "VideoDrawable: Unknown object" or "Image: Unknown object". After going to background and entering foreground again everything works fine. Also I noticed that this problem takes place when period of time between applicationDidEnterBackground and applicationWillEnterForeground is not long enough (less than 5 seconds approximately). It feels like AR.context.destoyAll() simply don't have enough time to destroy all objects properly.  Is there any workaround?


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