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how to load photo in a marker drawable?

how to load photo in a marker drawable?

Hi Jean,
Sorry for my late response and THX for sharing your findings with the community.

Best regards


ok it works, i have found the problem, it's simply that i have not defined the size of the viewport and the ratio of my htmlDrawable.

the photo was rendering but not visible due to the incorect sze.

maybe help someone.




i have encapsulated a base64 image for each marker in my json, but i am not able to show it on the marker how can i achieve that?

my json base64 transfering image is ok, i can show the photo in the index.htm of my ARchitectWorld if i make a sample test like
$("#test").html("<img src='data:image/jpg;base64,"+poiData.vignette+"'>");

but how to send this image ressource to a AR.ImageResource or an AR.imageDrawable?

I have try to add a AR.HtmlDrawable to my GeoObject, like this
 this.myDrawable = new AR.HtmlDrawable({html:"<img src='data:image/jpg;base64,"+poiData.vignette+"'>"}, 1.0);

with no succes, crash???

anyone have an idea, thank you by advance
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