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Camera angle in relation to target

Camera angle in relation to target


I've been experimenting with Wikitude prior to starting an AR project and found a missing feature that would be really useful - obtaining the angle of the camera in relation to the locked on target.

For example, if a user points their phone at an object - say a picture in a magazine - it would be very useful to know the angle to the left/right and above/below the central point of the target. This would enable different experiences based on the direction you are looking at a target.

I found another thread from last year asking for basically the same thing - . Here the user wanted to rotate a VideoDrawable to always point at the user, no matter which direction they were looking at the target.

Do you have any idea if / when such data might be available in the SDK? I can use the sensors on the phone to determine movement around a target...but it's that initial reference point that is missing to know the first focus angles from which we could work with.



Hi Darren,
We're planning to provide a new API to load Java/ObjC plugins into our SDK. These plugins will be able to access the modelView matrix of a recognized target. This matrix does include all information you're interested in.

We will launch the next version of our SDK probably in July.

Best regards

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