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WikitudeSDK integration in SWIFT language

WikitudeSDK integration in SWIFT language

Hello all,

I wanted to let you know that with our new SDK 7 we have included Swift support. You can find more information on "How to use the Wikitude Native SDK in Swift" in this documentation section. You can also download the Native SDK 7 from our Download page that contains Swift example.






Hi Franck, could you post a link to your swift implementation of the Wikitude SDK. Will be of great help.

Thanks in advance

Hi all, sorry for not responding earlier - I got pulled off to other projects and then for some weird reason didn't notice the message thread. I'll come back as soon as I can.



Hi Yash,
Currently we don't have any example using Swift. My advice would be to use an ObjC view controller when using the Wikitude SDK.

Best regards



Can someone share a simple example to use Wikitude SDK with swift. If possible please share Git link.

Thanks in advance,



I have been working on this project as well with Swift. I modeled my view controller after the one found here. (Whoops, this repo is private)

However I too am getting this black screen. When I look at the Debug View Hierarchy, I see that some of the web content does appear to be rendering, but it's "hidden" behind the WTArchitectLicenseView. I suspect it may have something to do with the constraints being set, maybe? I'm not entirely sure. But I would really appreciate some help on this as I am definitely 100% stuck without some help.




Hi Matthew,
Thanks for sharing your finding! I'm still a little bit surprised that it works with IB but not when programatically adding the WTArchitectView as a subview. If you want, you can send me a demo project that reproduces the problem and I have a look at it. Once we officially support Swift, I will definetly have a look at your problem. 

Best regards


My problem ended up being because I was trying to programmatically add my WTArchitectView.  I fixed the problem by adding it as a subview in Interface Builder and then created an Outlet.

Hi Matthew,
A black camera usually means that you did not authorized access to the camera. Please check your iOS Privacy settings regarding camera access for your application in the iOS Settings App.

Best regards


Thanks Andreas, that was the missing piece to get my architectView running but after the wikitude logo appears it fades away to a black screen.  Any places I should look for the camera feed not loading?  My understanding from the docs is that calling start() should activate the camera etc.  In the Obj-C example demo i'm not seeing any explicit user call to set up the feed.  

Hi Matthew,
Sounds like you missed to set the OTHER_LINKER_FLAG -ObjC!?

Best regards



I'm building out a Swift version as well and I think I've got everything configured.  I can debug through Safari and see that the js files are loading up and my WTArchitectViewDelegates are firing but my camera never loads and the isRunning flag never seems to update even after a call to my architect view's start() function.

I've tested the wtc file in the SDKs example code and it works just fine.  Did you have this problem at all?

That sounds great! THX!

We will add Swift support as soon as it becomes more relevant and the tools support is acceptable.

Best regards

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