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WikitudeSDK integration in SWIFT language

WikitudeSDK integration in SWIFT language

Thanks Andreas,

I have managed to build the first sample in Swift, will post it to GitHub shortly and will add a link here.


Hi Franck,
Currently we don't have any Swift related samples, but I found some information on how to transfer enums/options from ObjC into Swift. I'm sorry that you have to do this by yourself, but we currently don't have a Swift API. However you can write an augmented reality related view controller in ObjC and use this VC in your Swift project.

Maybe this NSHipster article helps you integrating our ObjC API into your Swift project

Best regards



would it be possible to have the basic code snippets translated to swift as a starter please?

I'm battling with the import and it would be great to have the basics covered

I'm also finding difficult to access the WTFeatures bit mask from Swift as enums/options don't have values in Swift

Thanks a lot


Hi Yunas,

This is not something Wikitude SDK specific, you just need to follow the Apple guidelines how to integrate native code and libraries with Swift:




is there any documentation or tutorial available to integrate WikitudeSDK in Swift language ?
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