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GEO location based AR inside building/mall where GPS reception is not good

GEO location based AR inside building/mall where GPS reception is not good


I have implemented one sample application in which I am able to show an icon/image at given geo location. Location (lat/log) is determined by GPS/Network provider in android code and passed to javascript ArchitectView.

All works good but it does not work in indoor places, when I am inside a building where GPS/Network reception is not good. To resolve this issue, is there a way we can use Bluetooth beacons (I have some SitckNFind beacons) to determine location? Do you have any reference/sample implementation where Wikitude is integrated with Bluetooth beacons to implement GEO location based AR?

Any pointer or idea would be really appreciated!


Indoor localization is often a topic in AR usecases.

I like to sum up the possible approaches I figured out so far

* Use software giant's location-strategy (e.g. Google's location API) and hope they somewhen announce an Indoor API as well

* Check out existing WiFi or bluetooth beacon approaches (, ...). You may then struggle around with device calibration and changing accuracy, depending on the number of persons in the room + significant set-up/calibration costs

* Let user tell the system where he/she is located by installing e.g. QR codes in the area and set lat/lon according those predefined spots. That way you can't implement navigation, but for routing it may be sufficient

* Some companies (e.g. InsiderNavigation) are already playing around with an image recognition approach, which analyses the room instead of WiFi/blutooth signals

Wikitude SDK is ready for all of them, just tell the SDK lat/lon/alt from your native iOS/Android environment.

Kind regards,
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