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POI rotating slowly around my position

POI rotating slowly around my position

Hello Andreas, thank you for your answer,

Since last week, i have tested the application in an area without any kind of electricity source (like you tell me): a natural area; and the POI rotation is less important but still present :-(

Can you tell me, if i walk in the direction of a near POI (200 - 300m), in a natural area without magnetic interference, i have a chance to arrived to it or retrace my steps if this point revolves around me?

The iOS application i am trying to develop should be used to guide the user to some points of interests, is it possible? or the iOS SDK rotating POI gyro limitation make this impossible?

Can you tell me an answer quickly please, thank you by advance.

Hi Jean,
Thats expected behaviour. We use the gyro values delivered from the iOS SDK and these values constantly adjust there values to correct errors. It's worse indoors and/or nearby metal objects. Try Geo content outside withour any disturbing objects around you. Also the configuration figure helps reducing this behaviour.


Best regards


Hi, iam trying the wikitude trial sdk version for an ipone project.

i have made a quick sample who loaded some poi and show the markers on the camera view, all seems working ok, but the POI are moving slowly right to left around my position (i am not moving).

I have compiled the SDKExamples and the sample running on my dev iPhone have the same problem.

-> my Target is iOS SDK 8.1

is it a limitation of the trial sdk??? or a bug?? any idea??

thanks for your help.

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