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Animated Model Crash

Animated Model Crash


I have a model that loads fine into the AR without animation.  When an animation is added to that model, converted to the wt3 format, it crashes the app when loaded (model isnt rendered, app just crashes).  Oddly enough, it loads fine into the wikitude 3d Encoder, w/ animation (can see it animate).  Has anyone else run into this problem?  I see some posts reguarding the grouping within the skeleton, but I'm told everything should be in order.

Thank you!

Could you provide the original model you used for the encoding with the Wikitude 3D Encoder?

Thanks for the response Christian, is there a format you prefer, and is there somewhere I can upload/send it without having to upload/link directly to the forum?


Send the model to with the subject "Animated Model Crash". Please don't forget to zip also the textures if you use any.

It's been sent, Thank you!
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