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Radar with personal POI

Radar with personal POI

Hi all! :)

I'm new with Wikitude and PhoneGap and I'm trying to edit the "5_BrowsingPois_2_AddingRadar" sample but I don't know how to set my personal POIs.

This is my requestDataFromServer function:
    requestDataFromServer: function requestDataFromServerFn(lat, lon) {
        // set helper var to avoid requesting places while loading
        World.isRequestingData = true;
        World.updateStatusMessage('Requesting places from web-service');
        ws = new WebSocket('ws://');
        var connected = false;
        ws.onopen = function() { ws.send("0"); };
        ws.onmessage = function(evt) {
            var receivedmsg =;
            var punti = receivedmsg.split(",");
            var jsonString = "";
            var json = eval("(" + jsonString + ")");
            World.isRequestingData = false;
            connected = true;
        ws.onclose = function() { connected = false; alert("Closing"); };
        ws.onerror = function(evt) { connected = false; alert("Connection Error!"); };
but when running it the World is empty ande the loadPoisFromJsonData function get the right json object.

How can I solve?

P.S. The POIs loaded are far away from my current location (about 100km).

Hi Edoardo!

Seems as if your POIs are too far away and therefore excluded from rendering.
You can force drawing of objects in large distance by setting the AR.context.scene.cullingDistance value in JS to e.g. 200000 (default is 50000 -> 50km)

Hope that helps.

Kind regards,


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