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How to display Animated GIF?

How to display Animated GIF?

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i already uploaded the JS file which is responsible to run the gif through HTMLDrawable method.

If you want to reproduce the issue then use the following snippet


 this.arModelObjects[i] = new AR.HtmlDrawable({ uri: ""
                                                               }, 0.25, {
                                                                   viewportWidth: 320,
                                                                   viewportHeight: 100,
                                                                   backgroundColor: "#FFFFFF",
                                                                   translate: {
                                                                       y: 0.5
                    scale: arCharacter['ScaleFactor'],
                    clickThroughEnabled: false,
                    horizontalAnchor: AR.CONST.HORIZONTAL_ANCHOR.CENTER,
                    verticalAnchor: AR.CONST.VERTICAL_ANCHOR.MIDDLE,
                    allowDocumentLocationChanges: false


Run the same code with the latest version of Chrome. You can see the issue.


Thx. With this file we can test - the previous JS File had a lot of references to your project, so we wouldn't have been able to investigate.

We will now create an internal investigation task in our backlog and will notify you once we have any feedback or the core development team needs more details.

Thx and greetings


It seems that you raised a bug report here - Can you please retest once the mentioned M69 is available and let us know if this fixes your issue? We would then stop the investigation on our end, as it seems to be a Chromium bug.

tThx and greetings


Thanks, Nicola for the reply fastly.

I can't modify Webview code for the HTMLDrawable method. It supposes to be done from your end.

Please check the link: Chrome Google Blog for more detail about the issue.

Hi Nicola,
You test the application by downloading from PlayStore:
Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to Uncover, scan the attached image and find the bug. 2. Check gif is not running with Chrome ver >= 66.0.1 3. It was working fine with an older version of Chrome. Note: I used Wikitude lib to run gif with use of HTML page with the help of webview. Expected result: GIF should run. Actual result: GIF loaded but it is not running.
(759 KB)


Thx mentioned method in the bug report is not used by our SDK. I rechecked internally and as this will be fixed in Chrome version 69, we'll need to wait until the fix is included in Chrome.

Thx and greetings


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