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How to display Animated GIF?

How to display Animated GIF?

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Hello Eva,

 I am Giving the absolute path but it is not showing the gif..

can you post some sample code. 



Thanks, Eve for replying me. Well, this time I can't change the code. So, it's hard to use AnimatedImageDrawable. A project is working with Android OS 6.0 with any Chrome updates. But from OS 7.0,  WebView is directly connected with Chrome version as per Android developer documentation i.e whenever Chrome updates, WebView's features also updates. So, for any version of Chrome below 66, WebView is rendering gif's animation. 


Could you then please send over a minimum version of your project so that we can further investigate the issue?


GIF is not working with the latest version of Chrome (>= 66.0) in Android. I am using HtmlDrawable to render it.



I am trying to display animated GIF and so far not successful with it. I am trying to use AnimatedImageDrawable it does not help. May I ask for advice or code example on how you display animated gif files in your architect worlds? 


Here is a URL to GIF file I am trying to work with:


 var the_image = new AR.ImageResource("");

 var overlayOne = new AR.AnimatedImageDrawable(the_image, 5, 40, 50, {

    enabled : false,







// Later in my code I add overlayOne to camera view: 





Thank you. 


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