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How to display Animated GIF?

How to display Animated GIF?

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I am trying to display animated GIF and so far not successful with it. I am trying to use AnimatedImageDrawable it does not help. May I ask for advice or code example on how you display animated gif files in your architect worlds? 


Here is a URL to GIF file I am trying to work with:


 var the_image = new AR.ImageResource("");

 var overlayOne = new AR.AnimatedImageDrawable(the_image, 5, 40, 50, {

    enabled : false,







// Later in my code I add overlayOne to camera view: 





Thank you. 



Hi Sergey,
The .gif you're using does not work with our SDK. We do support loading of .gif files but do not 'play' them. You can try to create a HTMLDrawable and set it's content to only the .gif. That should work.

Best regards


Hello Andreas,

As u suggested to use Html Drawable for .gif images. I was trying the below code but it did not work and gives error. and also i want to user the html drawable on poi .

my code is:

World.markerDrawable_idle = new AR.HtmlDrawable({html:"<img src=assets/sticker_1.gif></img>"}, 1, {
translate : { x: 1 },
onClick : function() {
opacity : 0.9


and it gives the error: file not found at url "assets/sticker_1.gif" but file is already there. 

Hi Swapnil,

You need to put the absolute path of your url in brackets ''.



Hello Eva,

 I am Giving the absolute path but it is not showing the gif..

can you post some sample code. 



Hello Swapnil,

I apologize but when you posted the code I saw the error with the brackets and failed to see that you are actually trying to use a .gif as an ImageDrawable. We do not support gifs and this is why you still do not see anything. If you want to have an animated image then you can also have a look at our sample here where we use sprite sheet for animated images.



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