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Not scanning phonegap sample code

Not scanning phonegap sample code


I have built a phonegap apps for iOS and used wikitude phonegap plugin. We have used samples codes from below link ( We have a free trial license key. The samples codes are opening camera. But I did find any button to scan. The camera is not scanning any image. How can I scan a image?

Which images do we scan for these samples? Do we need to scan the images from this pdf file ( ? Waiting for your reply.

Best Regards

I have the same issue to run these samples. Waiting for your reply too.


Did the application build fine?

Do you have included a license key?

Did you follow the set-up guide to run the sample app and scan the images from this page?



Hi, Nicola

The application builds fine.

I included the trial licence key in WikitudePlugin.js.

I followed theses exemples in the link:

The samples application works. The app only open the camera view but doesn't recognized the image, nothing happened. I tried to print the view but I failed.

Thanks for your attention Nicola...


If you could help me. I'll be greateful.



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