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ArchitectView not found

ArchitectView not found

Xamarin / Android

I'm just trying your xamarin samples and I'm getting a message saying it can't see the ArchitectView class.
"The type or namespace 'ArchitectView' could not be found"

I've included the binding project, added the reference and added Wikitude.Architect the the usings in the source.

In fact the demo samples acts the same.  
Can you help me figure out what is going wrong..

It might be connected to an updated version of Xamarin..  I updated yestoday morning, and I've been struggeling with this since then..

..have a deadline friday, so it's REALLY inconvenient.
I can see the current Xamarin version (5.5.4) id from nov 21. so It has been out for a few weeks now.



Propably a rookie mistake..  Fiddling arount with the target android versions of my project solved it..
Guess Android 5 as a target isn't supported yet..

I have the same problem. Did you get the samples project to build?

What target version did you use for the project and for the binding project?

Yea..  I got it to build..  My target versions were 4.2 (api level 17)
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