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Problem Importing an animated rigged model into Wikitude

Problem Importing an animated rigged model into Wikitude

Hello , I was doing some tests to see how to actually setup an animated model into wikitude . I tried to export so a rigged model from a game to test but the model gets in fbx weirdly setup in wikitude ... some parts of the animations look like split into 3 , while the model is partly upverted and partly messed up ...


here a picture ...


Do you know the exact export procedure of the model to be correctly visible in wikitude?



On left my model in 3dsmax and on right the model in wikitude encoder .

all your joints should be children of a root-joint which might help to get a proper result. If it doesn't help could you send us the fbx model file?
Thank you,

Yes I am not sure how to make root on one single joint and not break the animation , how can I send u  the file?

I'm not sure if I won't break it either. You can send the file to forum (at) wikitude (dot) com with this thread title in the subject. Please dont forget to add the textures or bundle them into the fbx file.

you mean


Ok sent thanks .

Did you receive the file?

Hi , did you get the new file?

I received it

First of all I would like to mention that we suggest using Maya as a 3d modelling tool since it has been tested very well with their fbx exporter.  I get a warning when importing your fbx it to Maya: incomplete BindPose (link nodes, link nodes parents). This might be the reason for the distorted head in the encoder but the rest looks fine and the animation works. The distortion is usually connected with a transformation node. Personally I didn't have problems with this however I suggest to perform transformations on the objects directly.

Your skeleton consists of two grouped joint parts.  If you connect these parts to a root joint it should work. The encoder creates animations out of certain groups so I suggest to keep the joint trees clean if you don't want that. You might need to un- and reskin the joints again. This shouldnt have an impact on the animation since the animations are defined on the joints themselves which you actually don't touch.

Hope this helps,
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