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Double click on Drawables

Double click on Drawables

Hi , I wanted to ask about implementing double click on Wikitude elements , this question has been asked before and I've read that it should be implemented with javascript outside Wikitude API . So I tried to do it with dblclick of Jquery but the code doesn't work. here's my code : 

World.myDrawable = new AR.ImageDrawable(myImg, 0.5,{


var $jq = World.myDrawable;

$jq.dblclick(function() {

  alert( "Handler for .dblclick() called." );



I'll appreciate if you can give me a short snippet to see how to make it work

Thanks very much

Hi Joee,

Although your approach looks quite interesting please note that simply defining a variable starting with $ does not extend an object by all of jquery's methods.

I recommend you to use the AR.Object's onClick event and avoid using double clicks on drawables.
We do not provide a double click feature in our API yet. You may anyhow define onClick-method and check time between two click-events using;.

Hope that helps.
Kind regards

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