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Problems starting to use PhoneGap plugin

Problems starting to use PhoneGap plugin


Ionic isn't officially supported by Wikitude, so we didn't try our plugin with it, but if you could describe your problem a little more we might be able to help you anyway. Please post any error messages or whatever could help to pin down the problem.

Thank you and best regards,

Did anyone successfully implemented Ionic with Wikitude?

Andres Sanz Can you help me with add wikitude plugin to ionic project?



Hi again,


Andrés, thank you very much for the information about Telerik. I'll give it a try in that case.


Finally I was able to get the Wikitude PhoneGap plugin working by just building the project with PhoneGap and then moving to Xcode, but I couldn't do it only using the PhoneGap Developer App.




Hi Francisco

I've used Telerik for 1 month with a trial, i didn't pay anything in the past 3 months and i still use appbuilder.

Good luck.

Hi Andrés,


thank you very much for your advice.


For the time being I am trying to be able to develop without using any platform or app builder (like telerik or others) with the objective of cutting costs and obtaining the highest performance possible. But maybe at some point I will be forced to use and pay for any of them. So thanks anyway for your tip. I will take a look at it and tell you something.


Best regards. 


Hi Francisco

I used telerik platform (app builder) to work phonegap and wikitude, its so easy just put wikitude plugin like this:


then just click in RUN and select SO (Andorid or iOS) and that's it.

Hi Andreas!


Thanks a lot for your reply.


I tried PhoneGap Sample Application but it doesn't work either. I run the command "sh" and the first part (*** GENERATING PROJECT ***) seems to work, but I get an error in the second part (*** PREPARING SAMPLE CONTENT ***), which I suppose corresponds to the execution of ""; in this second part the following message is displayed:

cp: /css/*: No such file or directory


About what I am using, the information is: PhoneGap 3.5.0, and PhoneGap Developer App installed on iPhone 5.




Hi there!
Please have a look at the provided Sample Application for PhoneGap Sample Application, does installation work there?
Which version of PhoneGap are you using and on which device did you test the app?

Kind regards,


Hi everyone,


I'm new with Wikitude and just trying to set up a PhoneGap project using the Wikitude PhoneGap plugin and it's becoming an impossible task for me! I do follow every single step stated in but I'm not able to get it work. 


Mainly, I do the following:

1. Create a new PhoneGap projetc.

2. Install the Wikitude PhoneGap plugin (by: phonegap local plugin add

3. Modify my index.html just to check if the device is capable of running an Augmented Reality experience, and at this point, when I include this in my index.js (for instance, just inside onDeviceReady function), it doesn't work. It gets stack in the following sentence:

app.wikitudePlugin = cordova.require("com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin.WikitudePlugin");


Could you please help me with this?


Thanks a lot in advance! :)
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