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Problem with gridUpdateRequest

Problem with gridUpdateRequest


we recognized, that there are a lot of calls to our KML-webservice with a get-parameter gridUpdateRequest=true. We have several worlds and all are served by the same service and database. Since those requests come in a very frequent way (sometimes appr. 20 within the same second) we have a very high load on our database. This is causing a big problem with our provider. Such update requests should have at least one second delay between individual requests - just like web-crawlers do.

Best regards,

Hans-Jörg Wahmkow

Hi Hans-Jörg,

We are aware of this issue and have added it to our backlog list already. However, I don't have an ETA yet for an update.

In the meantime, to lower the load on your database, I suggest that you filter for the requests where you know that there's no data delivered anyways. We need the grid updates to understand where your world delivers content.



Hi Martin,

thanks for your fast reply. I had the same idea with filtering out requests that are for locations which are not relevant for us. ;-)

I think that will do for now.


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