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Fixed GeoObject Orientation

Fixed GeoObject Orientation

Im placing a HTMLDrawable using GeoObject placed in a specific GeoLocation. Once the HTML screen is loaded in a square form, the webpage is always looking at me. I dont want the drawable to be looking at me always.. I want the html screen to point south.

So the idea is to place a big Wall in a certain location, but if Im not facing this object straight.. it should look tilted (like a real wall).. until I walk and stand infront of it.

(almost like if there was a enormouse tracker printed in a gigantic wall, so if you move.. the drawable keeps pointing in the direction the printed tracker is facing).

Is it possible to do this? I know the HTMLDrawable has some rotate.roll, rotate.heading, rotate.tilt and rotation properties. But I think it would be quite difficult to calculate those rotation values while phone's gyroscope, compass and geolocation values are changing. So.. any ideas?


Hi Omar,

Thanks for your feature request. Unfortunately, it is not possible to statically orient Drawables in the scene, they are currently always oriented towards the user.

We will add your request to our roadmap, however, I can't give you any specific timeline when this will be available in the SDK.


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