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Best practice to use a video with alpha channel?

Best practice to use a video with alpha channel?



I want to use a video with transparency but I cant make to appear alright on my offline app. Im using the Wikitude Studio website to make my project files. 

The link of video on vimeo:

How can I do it to looks great? 

Thank you. 

Hi Rafael,

You can find details on how to create a transparent video here.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.



Hi Wikitude Team,

We are gone through the procedure which you have described regarding the "Alpha Video".

When adding into studio its working fine, but while tracking, only the audio is working and the transparent video visuals are not appearing properly and the dimensions of the video is altering.

We are tried in multiple ways but couldn't found any alternative solutions.

So can you help us to fix this issue?


Thanks in advance,
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