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Wikitude PSD file Marker idle

Wikitude PSD file Marker idle

Hello all

I am looking for the source file (PhotoShop for example ) of the marker_idle.png.png

the PSD file is interesting for me.


Is it available somewhere ?



Unfortunately we can't provide you with the .psd file for the marker images. Also the marker images are just a reference image and and the main usage would be for you to have your own marker images.

Thx and greetings



But I see that I can"t make an image with a diffrent size of the image.

When I replace the marker_idle.png but another bigger image, the image is resized and become smaller.

Is there a limit size of the image : 256 x 128 pixels ?





Regarding sizes of elements please have a look at our Scaled Distance Unit documentation and check if this helps.

Hi there,


I have the same issue like you and was wondering if you found a way to make the  marker bigger?

Please let me know. Thanks in advance.




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